Top websites for online shopping of women workwear in India

I still remember when I used to scroll through major western online shopping websites just to see all their collections of workwear. This is around 2-3 years back.  I always wondered why no one bothers to create workwear clothing in India.  Percentage of working women in India has significantly increased in last couple of wears and all of us need some good shopping places for our wardrobes.  Well, I guess some telepathy worked and my concern was transmitted to some cool people.  There are some new additions of websites specifically to cater the needs of working women of this age and I could not be any happier that this.  Now I do not necessarily need to check out millions of products from the major retail sites to find out one good dress or top for my next work event.  In times of need, these websites come handy and seem to have good options for us to choose.  So I am putting together a list of these just for you girls.  This list is a combination of some well-known and some new kids on the block.  Explore these and have fun shopping.

Western Clothing

Fablestreet  – They are new, but they are straight into business and how.  They cleverly put basic collections in the beginning of their journey and since then, have been adding new things to it.  Best deal is their trousers.  Smart and classic, I must say!

Mango – They had awesome linen collection last year and their dresses and trousers are really good. Try them.

The Label Life   – They have some nice collections to pick workwear from.  Their recent collections like ‘9-to-9 style file’ and ‘white shirt’ have some good pieces.  You may like them.

Zara  – Unfortunately this one does not let us shop online, but who does not know this name and their products.  Beautiful dresses, tops and trousers, but did your know that Zara has nice suits and blazers.  One tip – Know your sizes beforehand and just pick your work suits and blazers during sale days.  I got a blue blazer-trouser suit for 4k last season.  Total steal!

Brands on major retail websites – Next and Dorothy Perkins – These brands have good pieces if you do want to order from the major retail websites. Check out yourself.


Ethnic Clothing

Fabindia  – Do I need to say anything?  They are classic, earthy and perfect for everyday at office.  Apart from their regular ethnic collections, they have started ‘Fabels’ towards more contemporary and they are good!  I only wish that their prices were a bit lower.

Jaypore  – Awesome collections for ethnic wear.  Only issue is they do not have proper filters to explore what you want.  You really need to dig into it and I sometimes (often) lose my patience, but nevertheless I like it.

The Loom  – Again, it is similar to Jaypore and has cool dresses and kurtas collections.  Check out and you will be spoilt for choices here.

Brands on major retail websites – W, Biba, Aurelia – They have some basic kurtas and suit sets for regular day wear. Good deals.

Stylenook   – In addition, there is another cool website that ensemble together a packet of five clothing pieces depending on your style preference and they send it to you.  You decide your budget and pay the amount for the complete package.  It is a total surprise packet when you receive and you are free to pick whatever you like and pay just for that.  Rest goes back on return and you get the refund of amount you paid. I loved the idea and it totally feels like a surprise gift bought for self.  Thumbs up from me!

So these are few websites that I explored and found awesome other than our ‘always there’ Allen Solly and Van Heusen clothing. I am sure that there will lot more additions to their collections in coming time.  So keep an eye on these.  Also, share your experience if you have shopped from them.  Would love to hear your experience and it will be helpful for other women too.


Disclaimer: Please note that I am not endorsing any of these websites or their products.  I like these sites and their collections as per my personal opinion.  I have not been paid for marketing for any of these.  Thank you.


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How to create a good impression in interview meeting?

“An interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time.”

I remember when I started going out for interview meetings at the start of my career, I used to be so crazily excited and super nervous at the same time.  There was always a drive to do things and make a name for yourself, but there was a constant uneasiness as well to meet a completely unknown person and to try to make a good impression for them to remember.


First impression is always important for any kind of meeting and when it is an interview meeting, we all stand nervous and confused on what to do and what not to do.  There are tons of articles on the web space that give you good suggestions.  I thought of jolting down few pointers that I have learnt over the years.  Read on. They might help you in your next meeting.

  • Be Transparent – It is best for you to be open and transparent with them regarding your background, your aspirations and your expectations so that the conversation is built on a solid foundation. Even if you need a job badly, it is perfectly alright to convey your expectations like financial, role related etc. However do ensure that you have done your homework and know that your demands are in line with the industry standards and nothing out of the proportion.
  • Be Proactive – When your interview is scheduled, Google about the company, their structure and their vision. You need not to memorize about their facts and figures, but you should know about the person you are meeting and the company’s status.  For instance, you should know about your company’s offices worldwide, how many approximate employees there are?  These things give you an advantage as you can imagine what that company is looking for.  Accordingly you can present your candidature during the discussion.
  • Be Confident – I know how everyone goes on and on about being confident of your candidature. I would emphasize on it too, however I would like to add to it that it is very important to come across as confident, but without being over confident and there is actually very thin line between the two.  Present yourself as you know things and are capable of doing the job and serving the company, but at the same time, you will be keen to learn more to grow as a professional and will continue to add more to your role so that the organization sees a good bet in you.  Most companies do not want to keep hiring and firing people, instead good companies would want people to grow internally for a better culture.  Present yourself for it and it will always work in your favor.
  • Be Humble – Always know that there is a limit to the things you can know at the time of interview, so if there are some questions asked from you that you don’t know, It Is Okay, It Is Alright. Do not get taken aback or think too hard to justify or create answers out of thin air.  Instead inform politely about not being aware of it.  Add to your answer that if given time, you can and will make efforts to learn and know of it.
  • Be A Good Company – Always know that the interviewer sitting across from the table is putting in time and effort to know about you and is trying to decide whether to invest her/his company’s money into you. Make it worth their time.  Reach the meeting venue on time, smile (not too much) and make it a discussion rather than mere questions and answers.  Answer their queries in a way that they get to know about you as a personality.  More than often, Interviewers do not remember good answers, they remember good personalities.  Be a likeable personality to them and you stand a better chance at being hired.

So these are few very basic, but important points to be remembered before entering that interview room.  Remember you will be always hired for the skillset and these points add to your personality.  There are no bad or good outcomes, those are experiences and you learn after making some mistakes of your own.  So smile, believe in yourself and go win that race.

How to style regular white top or kurta?

White top or Kurta is such an integral piece of clothing.  You can style it up as formal wear or dress down as casual depending on your day.  It is hell lot of easy to take it from day look to night look by just making some minor changes.  So I thought let’s sit together and style our white top and Kurtas for some change and variation in our looks.  What say, shall we?

Kurta 1      Kurta 2      Kurta 3


First of all, I believe that all of own one white top, but in case you don’t (Check your wardrobe!!), then invest in one good quality plain solid white top.  It will go long way and you will wear more than you think.  Below are links for some good pieces that you may consider depending on your liking and budget.

Top 1       Top 2       Top 3

Style Up Agents – So the basic idea is wearing basic solid white top or kurta and accessorize it with some style up agents.  Always invest in some accessories that become highlight of your look. Keep a few clothing items that become conversation starters and kind of elevate the whole look.

I am listing them down for you in three categories, long jackets, short jackets and scarves.  Check them out:

Long Jacket 1        Long Jacket 2            Long Jacket 3


Short Jacket 1          Short Jacket 2           Short Jacket 3


Scarf 1         Scarf 2          Scarf 3

So this is for today.  Hope that it peps you and gives you more ideas to style up for the workday.  Have a good one! 🙂

Take care of yourself after your work day is over

‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not miracle’

Hello to all the wonderful ladies out there!

How is this summer treating you? We are facing the brunt of this scorching heat, though truthfully speaking, this season has not been so bad this time.  We have been getting little showers every week even if for slight relief. 😊

Today’s article is about the much needed self care in your 9-5 routine.  Few of us are fortunate enough to get some relaxed ‘me’ time in evenings after reaching home and some of us really do not.  We have our kids to take care of or some other reasons or sometimes we are just tired and lazy enough to just crawl into our beds and manage to sleep.

Well, let’s take a pause here, shall we!  Those who are shaking their heads thinking that I do put on my night cream and I am doing good then.  What if I tell you that you don’t really.  Sorry, but that is the truth.  Various expensive creams with multi miraculous ingredients do not work till we don’t.

So here I tell you to do a small test.  Go near the mirror and smile.  Smile wide as if somebody is going to give you millions of rupees to smile and notice very, very fine lines near the eyes and the corners of lips.  Does those lines act in accordance with with your age?  Now notice your skin.  Is it dull and lifeless until you don’t put on some BB or CC cream?  I guess I have your attention now.

Ageing skin of working woman

Thanks to the continuous staring at computers and mobile screens (netflixing too), our skin is ageing and that too very fast.  After 10 years, it might be a little late to start thinking of taking care of yourself.  So I put down few points for you to bring into action.  Try these for at least 15-20 days and you will feel the difference (betting my new dress on this).  Those who do not find a lot of time to do some self-pampering can try these and I am hopeful that it will bring significant change.  Ensure that you care for yourself too as much as you do for others.

  • Start with splashing cold water on your face and washing with mild cleanser. Then put on your aloe vera gel or evening cream or moisturizer and massage upwards for 3-5 minutes.  Remember that creams do moisturize your skin and protect from pollution etc, but massaging helps in retaining the firmness and lift of the skin.  It enables the cream or oils to work more efficiently.
  • Next is neck rotation. 10 times Clockwise and anticlockwise.  This is super amazing and helps with stiff neck and shoulders, double chin and sagging skin near the neck and jawline.
  • Raise your arms and do the regular stretching for your body to release all the tiredness. You will be amazed to see how much energized you feel after a regular 10-15 minutes of stretching.
  • Now last step would be to put your fingers on your scalp and do a little massage to get the blood circulation going good. It helps in relaxing your brain and at the same time, controls the scalp oil maintaining good hair too. Total win-win, yeah!

So yeah, we are just doing this much only for now.  Put a reminder on your phone to spend 10-15 minutes on yourself.  Ideally you should do it when you return from office.  If your household is chaotic and you cannot sit tight for 10-15 minutes, then enter your bathroom and restore yourself.   Everytime you do it, remember to say ‘Thank you’ to yourself from your future self.  😊

Pros and Cons of being a Working Woman


“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel

Since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of being a working female. There were no second thoughts. Doing a job was the only plan I had, my only dream and I still remember the day when I got my first salary cheque. I had tearful eyes and was smiling ear to ear and I spent the entire salary in one day by getting gifts for the whole family. My most precious day till date! J

However this is not the case for every female. I see so many girls not planning to work because not everyone likes getting hands dirty after all. If there is an option of not working and still living a good life, sure, why not, by all means? But then I thought, let me jolt down few points for the young females who are still analyzing whether to go out to work and face the tough world or stay at home or not to do anything at all.



Please understand what I mean by being a working female. It does not necessarily means that you should do a job or earn money, but it means that you are building up your existence on your work, just like any other individual. It can be running a catering business from home or doing sales job or maintaining a playschool at home or running a blog or being a gym instructor or anything that you create or provide services. There are always pros and cons of everything and being a working woman has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. So here they are.

Pros and ConsTo put it in easy words, I would just say one thing. Working or not working is like walking in heels or walking barefoot. You will definitely feel pain, either of shoe bite or pebbles on road. You need to decide what do you like more, life with panache or life with ease!

Heels or Bare
Heels or bare
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