Work shoes every woman should own

Marlin Monroe once said – “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”

I totally agree with her. Your footwear has the power to make or break your look and equal importance should be given while choosing shoes for your formal look.  I am listing down the list of Top 5 basic pumps shoes for everyday look.  You can match and wear these pumps with almost all the dresses and rock the day.

Pumps 1 – Black pumps are probably the most used and abused pumps in anyone’s wardrobe.  If you cannot decide on matching any other color with your dress, then black is your safest bet. This Dorothy Perkin shoe is the perfect style with formal looks and comfortable heel. The leather finish is subtle and wearable every day.

Price: INR 1295                                  Link to buy: Pumps 1

Pumps 1


Pumps 2 – Another safe bet is beige pumps which matches with almost everything and must be the second most abused shoe in your collection.

Price: INR 1599                                  Link to buy: Pumps 2

Pumps 2


Pumps 3 – White is an absolutely delightful color to wear.  Goes with almost everything and makes you look chic and professional at the same time. No doubts about this one!

Price: INR 1189                                  Link to buy: Pump 3

Pumps 3


Pumps 4 – When you wear the regular formal colors daily, it is mandatory to include at least one peppy color in your collection to wear on a cheery day.  This yellow Lara Karen shoe is pure love, colour being the highlight still keeping it little subtle for you to easily carry it with your look.

Price: INR 1139                                  Link to buy: Pumps 4

Pumps 4


Pumps 5 – This blue stilettoes with beaded back look makes it an interesting addition to your corporate style. I personally would wear it in a heartbeat.

Price: INR 1995                                  Link to buy: Pumps 5

Pumps 5

Hope that you like the options. If you have anything to say, suggestions, feedback, would love to hear from you. 🙂


Till then, have an amazing day!! 🙂

Weather Conditions : Cold Weather and Hot Fashion

Just because it is getting colder outside does not mean at all that we are not going to have fun with our styling. In fact it means more and more fun because we have all the more accessories to add to our looks. In this post, I am trying to throw a few pieces around here which might add that extra oomph factor to your outfit this winter.  Reference is the picture above.


So I researched through various Indian online websites and picked some clothing pieces which will help you recreate this look.  I would suggest you to be creative and add some accessories and own the look completely!

Trench Coat        INR 1495

Pumps                INR 1599

Sweater              INR 699

Handbag             INR 2328

Skirt                  INR 1813



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Top 5 Handbags

Days here in Gurgaon are getting colder and the chill in air is making me all the more excited about the change in my closet. It is time to add some scarves, stoles, jackets and boots to follow in sometime and to change lip colors from pinks to shades of dark plum and marshala.  How about you all, what new additions to the wardrobe this season?

Now coming to today’s post, I can totally vouch for the fact that a formal handbag makes a style statement when you enter your office.  Other girls notice your bags when you take the lifts of office building or walk in the corridors.  So I have researched for Top 5 formal handbags for you to match with your personality and flaunt with full panache.


BAG 1 – This Blue-Black Dorothy Perkin bag is such a classic addition to your wardrobe. It works well with formals and is spacious enough to carry your stuff for the whole day.

Price : INR 4599                                                 Link to Buy : Bag 1

Bag 1


BAG 2 I do not think there is anyone in this world who can deny the importance of a black formal bag for any working person. It’s a MUST have and this second bag fits the needs perfectly.

Price : INR 2895                                                 Link to Buy : Bag 2

Bag 2


BAG 3 – How about some brown! This regular Hidesign brown handbag is one bag which you can keep for whole day’s fuss free handling.  Spacious and clean design makes it so good for every day. Price is a little on the higher side, but the texture of leather and quality of Hidesign can make you take a jump for this one.

Price : INR 6495                                                 Link to Buy : Bag 3

Bag 3


BAG 4 – Love at first sight! 😉 This yellow black bag can prove to be a style statement highlighting your style quotient, still keeping it professional.  Did I tell you that I love this bag and have ordered one for myself!

Price : INR 4200                                                 Link to Buy : Bag 4

Bag 4


BAG 5 – Change things with this regular classic white bag.  Make it match with the white top or white pumps and walk in full attitude.

Price : INR 1995                                                 Link to Buy : Bag 5

Bag 5


I hope that this list of handbags helps in adding more elegance and grace to your everyday look and would love to hear from you.

Top 5 Dresses of the Week

There are times when you have your important office event this Tuesday, but you do not have time to go for shopping or browse 10 websites to check the recent trends and then shop from. I completely understand and here I come for your rescue.

I have jolted below ten top dresses for you which are as unique and trendy as you are and yes, you are welcome!

Dress 1 – A classic black dress never fails in case you can’t decide on anything else. It has a slimming effect and suits for all skin tones. As they say, when in doubt, wear black.  This Arrow dress with easy flares gives you comfort along with the polished look making it a safe bet. Plus it has pockets. How cool!

Price: INR 2599                                Link to buy: Black Dress

Arrow LBD Amazon


 Dress 2An elegant addition to your formal wardrobe with color just right to highlight you into the room full of black and greys, still keeping it subtle for everyone to admire the balanced look.

Price: INR 1695                             Link to buy: Dress 2

Dress 2


Dress 3 – I would really love to wear this abstract printed dress with black kitten heels and accessories. Those who do not want to wear black, blue and whites, but are not comfortable with too much colour, can always tone down this cheery dress with black blazer.

Price: INR 400                    Link to Buy: Dress 3

Dress 3


Dress 4 – This nude coloured dress will drape you well giving you a pretty polished look, all set and ready for a good evening. Also, the colour being the highlight will accentuate all skin tones and clinching at the waist with stitched pleats will add to your femininity. I personally loved this dress, perfect for any formal event.

Price: INR 1999                                          Link to buy:  Dress 4

Dress 4


Dress 5 – Lace works perfectly in the formal wear. I have seen Kate Middleton donning so many lace dresses and she looks so elegant every time. This Oliv contrasting lace dress will accentuate your curves giving you a show stopping entrance at the event.

Price: INR 1749                                    Link to buy: Dress 5

Dress 5


I hope that you like this week’s dresses collection. If you have any suggestions or would want me to do a special feature on anything for your corporate or formal lifestyle, do comment here and let me know your thoughts.

Have a good week ahead. 🙂

Generation Y : An interview

Baby Boomer(Interviewer): Please come in Mr Gen Y.

Gen Y (Candidate): Hello Sir, How are your doing?

BB: I am good. Thank you. Please take a seat.   (Which GenY had already taken. BB confused

Okay, So Mr Y. Lets start. You can start with your brief introduction.

GenY: Umm. Okay. Well Mr B, I am a tech guy. I graduated around 3 years back and have worked with two companies. I left my last job around 6 months back as I had this idea of developing a really cool app, but it didn’t work out well. So I guess its time for me to start working at the moment.

BB: Okay. So you have this entrepreneurial brain. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what app were you working on… and don’t worry, I would not steal your idea.. Ha ha ha

GenY: Ha ha. Well, no one can sir. I have already patented my app idea. I am pretty sure that i will develop this app. So I am working on an app which will read your brain signals before you write in Google search bar and will give you results without writing. Hence no need to type in search bar. The app will do that work. Pretty cool haan..

BB: O really. It sounds quite interesting, but I don’t you think its a little overconfidence that reflects in patenting your idea. You haven’t even developed the app and the idea is patented. This kind of over confidence can be risky for our organization.

GenY: Well, I don’t think so sir. I have patented the idea coz I know I will make it. And even if someone else makes it before me, he will have to be in terms with me regarding the selling of it and I will have my own share. So overall a win-win situation for me.

BB: Okay, it sounds calculated, but still I would call it over-confidence. Well, leave it.

Could you tell me will you leave the job if you develop your app.

GenY: Yes Sir. definitely.

BB(Confused and Amused): Young boy, then why should I hire you. You might leave the job within next few months or years. Why would I waste time in hiring you, showing you everything and then you leaving. Its a complete loss for me.

GenY: Well, Its not at all lost. If you agree that I am technically good, then even if I stay for few months, I will be an asset an important resource for the company. And to be honest, who stays in a company for too long nowadays.

BB: Well, i don’t appreciate people leaving jobs too often. It reflects your loyalty and integrity.

GenY: Loyalty..!!!! But I am not cheating or stealing anything from the organization. One never says how long is he going to stay in the organization. So how is it a question on my loyalty and integrity if I leave company in sometime.

BB: It is. You ought to serve the company. Company teaches you things. How can you leave once you have learnt it.

GenY: Well, to my side, I would say that I have served the company with my talent and technical skills. So it was certain give and take transaction.

BB: Give and take..!! What are you, a businessman??? Its a job my dear. You work for the company.

GenY: No sir. Company needs resources, we need jobs. We work together. Simple.

BB: Its not simple and to be honest, I don’t like your attitude. You are casual in your approach and I don’t appreciate it in my organization. So I think, I have my decision about your hiring.

GenY: Well Sir. I also don’t appreciate the approach in which company expects to be the one who takes calls. So I guess I also have my opinion and decision about the job.

BB: Great Then. Bye Mr Y

GenY: Bye Mr BB. Good luck. (walks out….)

Pic 13


So which generation you belong to. Have you experienced any generational conflict at your workplace. Do share it.