Time to add a new blazer to your closet

I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.   – Coco Chancel

So it is that time of year when all the shopping outlets have the biggest boards in front tempting us for 25% discount to up to 70% off. So I decided to pause my online shopping and go to the malls in Gurgaon with some serious intent to splurge a bit of my pay of this month. I directly went to the formal brands counters at Central Mall in Gurgaon and checked for the discounts, unfortunately all the discounts only on shirts and that too of last season. The SA very sadly told me – Mam, formalwear pe toh kabhi jyada discount aata hi nahi hai (Brands do not offer much of discount on formal wear). So I instead picked some ethnic pieces and came home. I decided to check for the same formal blazers online and Yay! Found same pieces and that too on 30-40% discount. I truly am such a big fan of Online Shopping!!!

So I am currently on lookout of a very I-mean-business kind of blazer and explored the good brands in formalwear. I am usually not a very brand conscious person and if I feel good, I pick things from street markets as well. However I would suggest everyone to keep some good quality signature pieces. Invest in good heels, blazer and handbag. These are the pieces which really elevate your look and make the difference. I believe you can play with your tops, trousers and skirts. You should try different styles, different fabrics to keep it interesting, but keep at least one solid piece like a gorgeous proper fitted blazer that holds the whole look together. So below are few good blazers for those intense important corporate meetings.

Blazer 1 – Van Heusen     Price – INR 4495   Buy – Blazer 1  


Blazer 2 – Arrow    Price – INR 2999   Buy – Blazer 2


Blazer 3 – Park Avenue     Price – INR 4124     Buy – Blazer 3


Blazer 4 – Van Heusen     Price – INR 3497     Buy – Blazer 4


Blazer 5 – Wills Lifestyle   Price – INR 4995   Buy – Wills Lifestyle blazers are masterpieces, however they are not widely available online. Hence I would recommend picking it from any of the stores. To check the stores near you, follow the link, Wills Lifestyle stores



So wear these crisp smart blazers and flaunt your confidence in a new panache. See you soon Ladies!

Let’s have Christmas today and everyday


I pass through my office building entrance corridor and the lady guards there stand the whole day. It is a tough job, still she makes sure that whenever I pass, she smiles and wishes me Good morning and good night. She makes me smile daily right before I enter my office. So many people around us make impact on us every day without us even realizing or recognizing their roles in our day. So I thought why not cheer their day too. At least make an effort.  So I ordered good lunch and coffee for them, fully paid and ensured that it was delivered to them (taking help of another staff of course).  She did not realize that it was me, but I could see the expressions on her face.  I felt happy, content, I celebrated my Christmas in advance.  So why not you also try doing something for people round you who would not expect and see how it cheers them up.  Be a secret Santa fellas!!

Now coming to today’ post, I figured that there are still a few days left for the Christmas party and many of us cannot figure out what to wear. Let me help. Let me throw some pieces around and use them as you want. Play with your closet.  I would love to see your responses and suggestions if any.

Final Collection

Blazer/Coat – Allen Solly, Price – INR 2450, Buy – Blazer

Dress – Mayra, Price – INR 798, Buy – Dress 1

Dress – Femella, Price – INR 1650, Buy – Dress 2

Skirt – Koovs, Price – INR 795, Buy – Skirt

Pumps – J Collection, Price – INR 1279, Buy – Shoes 1

Shoes – Koovs, Price – INR 1695, Buy – Shoes 2

Shoes – Truffle Collection, Price – INR 1957, Buy – Shoes 3

Scarf – Indian, Price – INR 225, Buy – Scarf

Sweater – MEEE, Price – INR 657, Buy – Sweater

Trouser – MANGO, Price – INR 1396, Buy – Trouser 1

Trouser – Van Heusen, Price – INR 1197, Buy – Trouser 2

Handbag – Thia, Price – INR 3078, Buy – Handbag


Have fun Girls..!!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.!!

I am in love right now! Yes, I am. The red Starbucks coffee mugs, malls lit bright with red glittery lights, decorated Christmas trees all around, it feels like celebrating life all the way. Though my whole idea of Christmas is eating loads of Plum cake and wearing Santa cap all day, but there has been an addition of another event as Christmas theme dressing in office.  I am sure that we all are having at least one Christmas and New Year party where we have to incorporate the holiday and festival’s theme into our corporate wear. So I thought why not.


How about starting the week with some fierce red color in your wardrobe! Now red is a bold color itself and needless to say that eyes will turn when you sport a bright red color coat in your office. An unsaid rule would be to keep other accessories and garments understated to keep the red color the highlight of your whole look.  I have assembled few pieces together to give you an awesome start of week. Happy week ahead to all of you girls!!


Blazer – FabAlley                         Price – INR 2700                Buy – Blazer

Trouser – Dorothy Perkins           Price – INR 916                  Buy – Trouser

Top/Sweater – Renka                 Price – INR 699                  Buy – Sweater

Pumps – Dorothy Perkins              Price – INR 1979                 Buy – Pumps

Scarf/Stole – Amazon                Price – INR 498                  Buy – Scarf/Stole

Handbag – Lara Karen                Price – INR 1200                  Buy – Handbag


Keep loving yourself and love what you do. It will take you places.



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Top 5 Laptop Bags

With Christmas and New Year holidays around the corner, it is that time for year when  you make trips to malls with no particular reason to shop, but still shop like there is no tomorrow.  I myself am going to my favorite malls to check out what is new and what is on sale so I can add new statement pieces to my wardrobe.

Now today is the turn for laptop bags.  Why carry the same regular leather laptop bags when you can flaunt an awesomely trendy laptop bag which completely reflects your attitude and style and makes a style statement.  I can imagine you carrying any of these below mentioned bags in your office or while transit to office and people asking you where to get that bag from.  I personally love those moments, makes me proud of my shopping.

Laptop Bag 1

Price: INR 1499                                  Link to buy: Laptop Bag 1




Laptop Bag 2

Price: INR 1999                                  Link to buy: Laptop Bag 2



Laptop Bag 3

Price: INR 1999                                  Link to buy: Laptop Bag 3



Laptop Bag 4

Price: INR 7500                                  Link to buy: Laptop Bag 4



Laptop Bag 5

Price: INR 7500                                  Link to buy: Laptop Bag 5