A crisp formal top makes it a Happy Monday!

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship – Mary Louise Alcott


The beloved weekend is gone and here we are on a Monday morning.  I am still recovering from the weekend hangover, thinking of those two beautiful mornings sipping tea and reading newspaper with the entire world’s time at my hand and the insane talk and fun evening sessions with friends and family.  However it is a totally different story of Monday morning.  I keep putting my alarm on Snooze till it is too late and then start rushing towards the deadline of reaching office on time.  I really need to change this (I will try, I promise)

So you think that I emphasized so much on the importance of trousers in the last post, but would have forgotten about the top wear.  No way, why would I do such a crime!  Today’s post is about the types of tops and few amazing options available out there in the market.  There are thousands of top wear available, different styles, different necklines, different lengths, and different fabrics and hence you can choose as many as you feel comfortable in.

I would suggest keeping a blend of blouses, shirts and Kurtis with different patterns in your wardrobe and mixing them with various styles of bottoms as in the Last Post and you can sport a totally different look every time you enter your office.

Some no-no’s in terms of top wear would be to avoid the skin showing tops, cutwork, sea through and body hugging fabrics and inappropriate necklines.  For example, you certainly do not want your inner wear straps to play peek-a-boo while you are discussing something important with your boss.  It is just not cool. Believe me, if you are not comfortable in your clothing, it reflects in your body language too.  So wear what you are comfortable in and make sure that others around you also do not feel awkward about it.

Now enough of my chit-chats, time for some references. See below the images and links and let me know which one you liked the best and if there is any other kind that you wear to your office.










Now when you enter office, do your best and when you leave your office, forget who your boss is.  Remember, you are what is most important. Rest all is background noise!

A super week ahead to all you superwomen out there!


Trousers – A must have formal work wear


Before I start the post, why don’t you take two minutes and think about your work wear clothing. What is your style – Is it more of dresses, skirts or trousers? What makes you feel comfortable, yet stylish and smart at the same time? We all love our pretty skirts and dresses in all shapes and styles and colors, however many of us are not very excited about trousers and actually wear them with least enthusiasm. Trousers are one staple part of any working girl’s wardrobe. There are days when bare legs are not an option considering weather, commute etc. when trouser come as savior. Women who travel in public transport like buses, autos, metros know this best when I say that trousers are a lot more comfortable bottom wear than dresses and skirts.  One of my favorite bloggers, Mary Orton donnes trousers like a pro and she kills it every time.

Mary Orton Trousers

So today post is all about trousers, styles, types so next time you do not think of it as boring men kind clothing, instead have fun with it. So let’s start, shall we!

Types of Trousers

Tailored Straight Trousers – An essential in a formal environment. Only problem I have with them is that I need to iron them every time you want to wear. (I am lazy!)





Cropped Trousers – The length of cropped trousers should ideally end a little above your ankle to give you a chic look, at the same time keeping it formal.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped Pant2

Cropped Pant3

Wide leg Pants/Palazzo – I would suggest to wear these pants in one solid color like black, blue, grey, nude else it might end up looking a bit casual.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pant1

Wide Leg Pant2

Wide Leg Pant3

Culottes – The most recent entry in the bottom wear is culottes which looks amazing on women with long legs and it is an excellent choice for bottom wear.






Fit of Trousers – My suggestion would be to keep the fit of your trousers as fit enough so not to look slouchy, but it should not fit snugly at the crotch area. Just like I would not like a man wearing a skin tight pant to work (Or anywhere!), I would not like my bottom wear to draw unnecessary attention because of the wrong fit. Hence straight fit trouser is the safest bet as it suits all body types. Also wide leg pants are excellent for downplaying the curves and extremely comfortable. Always remeber, the fit of trouser is more important than anything else. Take your time in the trial room and check the fitting by sitting, walking. Another important thing, do not wear jeggings to the office, Never!

Style – Go with regular solid colors like black, navy blue, grey, brown, white and nude for basic. To add variation, you may wear pinstripes and small printed trousers.

Credits – 1   2   3   4

Is there any topic that you would like me to cover. Anything you would like to read and know about.  Let me know in comments and I would be happy to!

And have a happy weekend ladies.  See you on Monday!


Let’s do some Jazz on Monday with Jewellery

“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” – Oscar de la Renta


I personally love creating new looks every day. One day sporting a single color all over and wearing contrasting colors the next day. However after days and weeks of wearing the same dresses and looks, we girls do get bored and often change is required to bring that ta-da factor! However one cannot go rushing to the malls and online sites for shopping every time. There comes the art of accessorizing and jewellery that adds fun to dressing up. I love how we girls have so many elements to play with.  Today’s post is all about small pieces of jewellery to spice up your style and do a little jazz on Monday morning so that your coming week is super happening and more fun.


The neckpiece should ideally be light and easy to carry. Try wearing a pendant in a long chain which also creates an elongation effect on your neck and there are so many options in market.  Try any one and you will thank me later.








I was most happy when starting college because I could wear any kind of earrings then. This is my favorite accessory of all time and have a trunk load of them.  This the accessory item that is closest to your face and lifts your face instantly.  A girl who changed her earrings everyday, I know we share a bond!









One of my colleague has a tendency to make continuous hand gestures while talking and it immediately draws attention of everyone around her to look at her hands.  And the way she has her perfectly manicured hands with perfect length nails always painted in the best of colors, it makes my heart go Wow! every time I see her hands.  So why not put on a slim bracelet or bangle to accentuate those beautiful hands.






Hope that this helps you a bit in having some fun with your look.  But do not get overexcited and wear every jewellery item you have in your stash. Always remember what Coco Chanel said – “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  I would suggest to do it because Coco said to. 😉


White Shirt – Style it the way you want!

“Never underestimate the power of a perfect crisp white shirt.”

First of all, a big sorry to all for not posting on Monday.  I have been a little under the weather and trying to catch up on things now.

I can see the spring season coming slowly. Personally February-April is my favorite time period of the year. Weather changes with brightness around, nature blooming and you find yourself tending towards light and bright colors, flowy clothing.  Suddenly you feel energetic and ready to take on the world with full force.  So I was in the process of slowly changing my wardrobe as per the weather and I took out my white shirt as first wear to celebrate new season.  Now a white shirt is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. It is that one multipurpose clothing item that can be used and worn as per the occasion and mood. The same white shirt can be styled with formals to give you a crisp look and same shirt can be teamed with blue jeans to sport the all-time favorite casual look.  I am thinking of writing few posts on styling white shirt and incorporating various elements to make it interesting.

Below is the first look with the basic combination of white and blue and few items thrown together.  Keep following the space.  More white shirt looks coming super soon!








So have fun with your white shirt and share the look that you styled.  Would love to see.

P.S. This is to reiterate that the links to the websites are merely to help you to buy in case you want to.  I am not endorsing the brands or websites, but would try to give links of only the authentic and genuine websites. Hope that you have a good shopping experience.


Friday Casuals – Do not take it casually, Its business!

We all know and I firmly believe in the notion – ‘Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.’

Hence we all dress up with all the tough efforts for the whole week and feel so relieved when Friday comes.  It feels like bliss to wear your casuals to office without thinking too much about coordinating accessories with dresses or caring about the heel of your shoes.  However we forget that probably Friday is the day when everyone spends some easy time with their teams and superiors.  We definitely need to sport an easy breezy look without looking too much decked up, but still need to look serious about our business.  For us, who work in corporate offices, Fridays are an opportunity to come out of our business dress code and have fun with dressing.  However with such freedom, there comes a lot of confusion (and lack of common sense in some cases).  Someone gets a little too extreme with casual tops, leggings and crop tops.  So below are few examples for Friday dressing that mean easy clothing without losing any of your strong personality’s impact.

Friday Casuals

Jeans – Most of the offices are relaxed and Jeans is the first choice of bottom wear for Fridays.  I advise you to stick to the dark colored denims as they are dressier than light faded ones and give you more polished look.  Plus, dark colors go with almost any top.  To make exceptions, you could also try white or black jeans which also look equally good.  Team your jeans with some cool tee-shirt or top and to still make it professional, throw a boyfriend blazer and pumps and you are now the Friday queen of your whole office building.  Some ideas are below:

Jeans Yes-No

Tops – There is no excuse to wear tank tops, racer backs tops teamed with transparent tops in office.   Wearing skimpy clothes in office would not make you cool; instead it might end up making you look unprofessional.

Top Yes-No

Shoes – Pumps/stiletto heels can be avoided on Friday and flat ballerinas are an apt choice keeping comfort and style in place.  One should definitely avoid wearing flip-flops or casual slippers or sneakers.  Remember, Even if it is Friday, it is office still and not a trip to supermarket.

Shoes Yes-No

I hope that you do not need to juggle all your clothing for the one casual day in week.  Always remember, office casuals are different to outdoor casuals.