What to wear for your next interview

‘Just go in there and remember, You Are Fantastic’

It does not matter if it is your first job interview call or you are giving an interview after 10 years of work experience, interviews are a daunting task and I seriously pray that there was an easier way of getting a job, but it is a fact that when you exit the interview, you take a long breath of relief that it is over. Interviews are tough because you know that the people sitting there are judging you and noticing your every move.  Every word you speak, every gesture you make adds to your profile.  So I thought of summing up some do-s and don’t-s for interviews so you have a ready reference when you go for your next interview.

Your interview outfit is most important as it creates the first impression and if you create a good first impression, then half of battle is won.


Look 1 –              Top        Skirt      Blazer   Bag     Shoes    Earrings

Wear what you are comfortable in – We girls have an uncontrollable urge of shopping for any big moment in our lives and interviews are something really big.  So how can we stop ourselves from buying a new shirt or skirt for the interview?  It is so difficult. I would suggest to wear something you are really comfortable in.  That old shirt you got many compliments for or that dress which your girlfriends just love.  When you go for interview knowing that you are looking good, you become more confident and then you only need to worry about your interview, not your look.  If you really want to wear something new, do not just buy a new shirt and trouser or skirt and keep it hung in your closet for the big day. Try it and wear it for some time to make yourself comfortable in it. Try trouser, skirt, blazer with it and create different looks.  Decide for yourself what you look best in and then wear it.

If not sure, ask the recruiter about the dress code – Different offices have different cultures and it is always best to know it before the interview so that you can present yourself as the best candidate.  Some organizations have formal attire, while jeans and t-shirt are okay to be worn. Try to do some research on Google, but if you are not sure of what to wear, it is always good to ask the recruiter about the dress code.  In fact it also reflects your seriousness for the meeting and ensures the HR person on other side that you are going to turn up prepared for the meeting. You can politely ask the HR person that could you please let me know the appropriate dress code for the interview.  He/She will give you an answer which will ease your confusions.


Look 2 –              Dress    Blazer   Shoes    Bag        Earrings

Black is not the only color – We all know that black is a universal color and everyone’s safe bet is a black suit or black trouser or black skirt or black dress.  I have seen 10 people sitting at reception waiting for their interview and almost 8 are wearing black color.  I would suggest wearing some other formal color to stand out in the crowd or at least add some vibrant color to make your look cheerful.  Add a printed scarf or silk blouse to make you look interesting yet polished.

Shoes are very important – Yes, they are. Everyone still believes in the notion that a person is judged by the shoes.  If you are wearing leather shoes, make sure that they are polished.  If you are wearing suede footwear, make sure that they are brushed.  Wear heel that you can manage to walk in without trying to make balance (3 inches or less is ideal) and without making that annoying sound.


Look 3 – Kurta  Stole      Bag        Earrings

Smile – Forget about your student loan, your house loan EMI or how much you need or want this job.  When you enter the room, smile and always offer a handshake.  During the conversation, look at the person naturally in eye(just not in a creepy way).  Be confident, believe in yourself and let your personality shine.

Final tip – Remember that you do not need to create a new you and present yourself in a totally different way.  Be what you are, but the point is that the interviewer should feel that you will be able to represent his organization in a good way.  Point is that there is a job and you want it, so make the effort and go, get it!

Some serious workwear inspiration from movies!

After struggling to reach office right on time and surviving 8-10 hours for five days continuously, it is the day, Friday when it is almost time to spend other two days in bed watching movies and TV series and eating all the nonsensical food and going out with friends. Ahh, writing all that is already making me feel so good! Friday, why do you ever go away!

So today’s Friday fun post is about taking work wear inspirations from our favorite movie stars when they played some awesome characters on the big screen. Without any more of blabbering, here is the first one-

Piku – What Deepika wore in this movie was a combination of kurtas with palazzos or casual jeans with kurtas and Indian female crowd has unanimously loved all her looks.  They are perfect for the casual offices and Friday casuals for the conservative offices. Take a look and tell me if there is anything that you would not like to wear.


Inkaar – This movie about office politics had all the drama and hot looks brought in by Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh, but if you want some serious inspiration for either creative offices or formal offices, it had it all. Some quirky looks and some interesting formal looks donned by Chitrangada and did you also drool over her super awesome hairstyle.


Karthik Calling Karthik – This movie had an unusual story which I liked and I thought that Deepika’s hairstyle did nothing for her, but one thing that was worth noticing was Deepika’s office wear.  She works in a corporate firm and she wore some beautiful blouses with combinations of trousers and skirts. My favorite was the blue shirt and I believe that the wardrobe for this movie was designed by ‘Wills Lifestyle’.


The Intern – I recently saw this movie and I loved both characters. A light hearted movie of a young girl achieving big and aiming big, you should totally see this one. Also Anna Hathway wore some basic neat looks.  Nice!

The Intern

The Proposal – How much I love this girl, Sandra Bullock. I think I am little biased towards her, but would you disagree when I say that she looked absolutely gorgeous in that famous black skirt suit and Louboutin heels.  ALl of her looks in movie were totally wearable.


Some other interesting workwear worn by some characters were Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofiyan, Dipannita in Ladies vs Ricky Behl, Yami Gautam in Vicky Donor and Ileana D’cruz in Happy Ending.


I believe I have given you enough inspiration for this weekend, so you can order some awesome food and get ready for the super movie marathon.  I am sure that you would not wait to try looks of any of these super gorgeous actresses.

Have a happy weekend all of you!

Lets deck up your desk a little

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make the place beautiful


Women are naturally creative species.  We put up extra efforts in everything we do, be it our clothing, our work and our homes and then we excel in whatever we do because of the sincere energy we lay.

Well, I am writing this post about some accessories for your office desk.  Your office desk is your home, your Sheldon spot for 8-9 hours every day.  The space has to be personalized to keep yourself motivated for all the work that you do.  There are so many small things that you can place on your desk which will bring some bright light and make you happy to work on your desk.  As soon as you enter your space, it should remind you why you are here and why you have to smile and take on whatever comes in front.

Below are a few accessories that you might try to personalize your space

Calendar – You should definitely keep a calendar at your desk to mark all the important dates.


Links to buy – Calendar1   Calendar2   Calendar3

Plant – Nothing brightens up your desk as a small indoor plant does. Try bamboo plant, bonsai or any of the indoor plants.  Believe me, you will love it.


Links to buy – Plant1   Plant2   Plant3

Pen holder – Do we even need to discuss why you have to have this little life organizer.


Links to buy – Penholder1   Penholder2   Penholder3

Water Bottle – I am guilty of forgetting to drink water regularly in office. I am sure that if a pretty water bottle is lying there on the table, we will be tempted to pour a glass again and again. Voila, problem of water drinking is solved.


Links to buy –  Waterbottle1   Waterbottle2   Waterbottle3

Apart from above mentioned basic things, there are so many things that you can keep around your desk like photo frames, quotes, bookends or anything that you love.  Just remember that anything kept on your table should not disturb anyone else around you and must be as per your office ambiance.  Pick the accessories yourself just like you pick for your home.  Your cubicle, your desk or your cabin, make it your own space so when you sit on your seat in morning, it calms you and tells you that it is your space to do wonders, your zone to do what you want to do and go girl, it is your day!





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Happy Women’s Day!

Women are women, and hurray for that. — John Galliano



Here is to wish every women out there in the world a very happy International Women’s day! May we know the strong women, may we be them, may we raise them!


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