How to create a good impression in interview meeting?

“An interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time.”

I remember when I started going out for interview meetings at the start of my career, I used to be so crazily excited and super nervous at the same time.  There was always a drive to do things and make a name for yourself, but there was a constant uneasiness as well to meet a completely unknown person and to try to make a good impression for them to remember.


First impression is always important for any kind of meeting and when it is an interview meeting, we all stand nervous and confused on what to do and what not to do.  There are tons of articles on the web space that give you good suggestions.  I thought of jolting down few pointers that I have learnt over the years.  Read on. They might help you in your next meeting.

  • Be Transparent – It is best for you to be open and transparent with them regarding your background, your aspirations and your expectations so that the conversation is built on a solid foundation. Even if you need a job badly, it is perfectly alright to convey your expectations like financial, role related etc. However do ensure that you have done your homework and know that your demands are in line with the industry standards and nothing out of the proportion.
  • Be Proactive – When your interview is scheduled, Google about the company, their structure and their vision. You need not to memorize about their facts and figures, but you should know about the person you are meeting and the company’s status.  For instance, you should know about your company’s offices worldwide, how many approximate employees there are?  These things give you an advantage as you can imagine what that company is looking for.  Accordingly you can present your candidature during the discussion.
  • Be Confident – I know how everyone goes on and on about being confident of your candidature. I would emphasize on it too, however I would like to add to it that it is very important to come across as confident, but without being over confident and there is actually very thin line between the two.  Present yourself as you know things and are capable of doing the job and serving the company, but at the same time, you will be keen to learn more to grow as a professional and will continue to add more to your role so that the organization sees a good bet in you.  Most companies do not want to keep hiring and firing people, instead good companies would want people to grow internally for a better culture.  Present yourself for it and it will always work in your favor.
  • Be Humble – Always know that there is a limit to the things you can know at the time of interview, so if there are some questions asked from you that you don’t know, It Is Okay, It Is Alright. Do not get taken aback or think too hard to justify or create answers out of thin air.  Instead inform politely about not being aware of it.  Add to your answer that if given time, you can and will make efforts to learn and know of it.
  • Be A Good Company – Always know that the interviewer sitting across from the table is putting in time and effort to know about you and is trying to decide whether to invest her/his company’s money into you. Make it worth their time.  Reach the meeting venue on time, smile (not too much) and make it a discussion rather than mere questions and answers.  Answer their queries in a way that they get to know about you as a personality.  More than often, Interviewers do not remember good answers, they remember good personalities.  Be a likeable personality to them and you stand a better chance at being hired.

So these are few very basic, but important points to be remembered before entering that interview room.  Remember you will be always hired for the skillset and these points add to your personality.  There are no bad or good outcomes, those are experiences and you learn after making some mistakes of your own.  So smile, believe in yourself and go win that race.

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