Generation Y : An interview

Baby Boomer(Interviewer): Please come in Mr Gen Y.

Gen Y (Candidate): Hello Sir, How are your doing?

BB: I am good. Thank you. Please take a seat.   (Which GenY had already taken. BB confused

Okay, So Mr Y. Lets start. You can start with your brief introduction.

GenY: Umm. Okay. Well Mr B, I am a tech guy. I graduated around 3 years back and have worked with two companies. I left my last job around 6 months back as I had this idea of developing a really cool app, but it didn’t work out well. So I guess its time for me to start working at the moment.

BB: Okay. So you have this entrepreneurial brain. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what app were you working on… and don’t worry, I would not steal your idea.. Ha ha ha

GenY: Ha ha. Well, no one can sir. I have already patented my app idea. I am pretty sure that i will develop this app. So I am working on an app which will read your brain signals before you write in Google search bar and will give you results without writing. Hence no need to type in search bar. The app will do that work. Pretty cool haan..

BB: O really. It sounds quite interesting, but I don’t you think its a little overconfidence that reflects in patenting your idea. You haven’t even developed the app and the idea is patented. This kind of over confidence can be risky for our organization.

GenY: Well, I don’t think so sir. I have patented the idea coz I know I will make it. And even if someone else makes it before me, he will have to be in terms with me regarding the selling of it and I will have my own share. So overall a win-win situation for me.

BB: Okay, it sounds calculated, but still I would call it over-confidence. Well, leave it.

Could you tell me will you leave the job if you develop your app.

GenY: Yes Sir. definitely.

BB(Confused and Amused): Young boy, then why should I hire you. You might leave the job within next few months or years. Why would I waste time in hiring you, showing you everything and then you leaving. Its a complete loss for me.

GenY: Well, Its not at all lost. If you agree that I am technically good, then even if I stay for few months, I will be an asset an important resource for the company. And to be honest, who stays in a company for too long nowadays.

BB: Well, i don’t appreciate people leaving jobs too often. It reflects your loyalty and integrity.

GenY: Loyalty..!!!! But I am not cheating or stealing anything from the organization. One never says how long is he going to stay in the organization. So how is it a question on my loyalty and integrity if I leave company in sometime.

BB: It is. You ought to serve the company. Company teaches you things. How can you leave once you have learnt it.

GenY: Well, to my side, I would say that I have served the company with my talent and technical skills. So it was certain give and take transaction.

BB: Give and take..!! What are you, a businessman??? Its a job my dear. You work for the company.

GenY: No sir. Company needs resources, we need jobs. We work together. Simple.

BB: Its not simple and to be honest, I don’t like your attitude. You are casual in your approach and I don’t appreciate it in my organization. So I think, I have my decision about your hiring.

GenY: Well Sir. I also don’t appreciate the approach in which company expects to be the one who takes calls. So I guess I also have my opinion and decision about the job.

BB: Great Then. Bye Mr Y

GenY: Bye Mr BB. Good luck. (walks out….)

Pic 13


So which generation you belong to. Have you experienced any generational conflict at your workplace. Do share it.

Another Monday..!!


It is Monday again……. Let’s take 2 minutes of deep silence to pay our condolences to the weekend that just passed. That weekend, for what you waited for five days. I worked my ass off for 40-45 hours, it started with Friday evening. I jumped and jumped singing aloud, Thank God it’s Friday, drank beer and kept watching my collection of movies. Then spent Saturday and Sunday with the happy face. Then came the dark, shady evening of Sunday which brought the sad realization of weekday arriving. I realized that its Monday tomorrow….

Monday morning, I go to office putting that good smile which will wear off in next two hours of working. I have a meeting with my boss which will make me realize that the promotion I have been expecting is far far away, a distant dream which isn’t happening anytime soon. Yet again I pick up myself from the chair, go to coffee machine, make a coffee. They say that given enough coffee, you can rule the world. So I gulp down one hot mug of coffee to “Rule” the world. Okay, lets first start with office and before reaching back my seat, the ruling power goes far, really far and I am back in my seat working on a report. Its 11AM, I count the hours left for the day to get over. 7 Hours. What!!! My heart cries. But cries are not going to help. So let me collect myself together and start working on the report or who will pay for the home rent and electricity bill and the mobile bill and …….. Ok, now I can’t stop crying. I just hate Mondays!!!

Run for life..!!!

I was leaving office at 06:00PM when I saw my CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in his hand.

CEO: Hey, Can you help? this is a very sensitive and important document and my PA has left for the day. Can you make this machine work?

Me: Sure Sir.

I turned on the machine, inserted the paper,and pressed the start button.

CEO: Excellent, I just need one copy.

I wanted to die at that moment…


LESSON: Never, ever, ever assume that your boss knows what he’s doing!!

Be Independent, but ask everything !!!

Pic 1

Boss – “Hey XYZ, how many years you have been in this company?”
Me – “3 years Sir.”
Boss – “You need to take your own decisions you are the Assistant Manager, you strongly lack this trait – you need to take independent decision.”
Me – “I will work on this boss”
Boss : “You better do…”

2 weeks later
Boss – “Hey XYZ, come to my cabin”
Me in cabin
Boss – “How did you create the rate card and replied to the request by the client.”
Me – “That’s my work boss, Ideally I should create it and reply to client’s request”
Boss – “Did you ask me?”
Me – “No boss , I think you expect me to take independent decision especially about the work I do”
Boss – “ohhhh !! You want to take independent decision- you moron – don’t use your brain, you need to come and ask me what you should do and what you shouldn’t…”
Me – “Ok boss”

After few weeks
Me in boss cabin – “Boss, I have to reply to the client’s request. Can you see this and let me know if I can reply.”
Boss – “Who are you in the company?”
Me – “Account manager”
Boss- “So who’s job is it to make it and reply to the client”
Me – “Me , but boss last time you asked me to come and ask you every time…”
Boss – SO..!!!
Me – “So I m here to ask about it
Boss – “See you are not getting there , I will say anything- I m boss but you have to take independent decision
Me –  “What should I do now boss sent it or not… (Grrrrrrrrrrr..Everyone would know what I actually was wanting to do…)
Boss – “See you don’t know what to do”
Me – “?????? What do you expect out of me”
BOSS – “Be Independent..!!!!!


Conversation with my boss..!!

Encounter No.1

Me: Hi Boss
Boss: Hi ABC, tell me
Me: Boss, Just wanted to tell, I am not well. Need to take a day off.
Boss: (After 5second pause), ummmm, what happened?
Me: I am having stomach pain since early morning. So feel that would be difficult to sit in office for all day long.
Boss: How come suddenly you have pain. You were fine yesterday
Me: (Slightly taken aback) Yes, I was fine yesterday, that’s why I was in office. I am not fine today.
Boss: Why, what happened?
Me: (Shocked) Boss, I am having menstrual pain and it is troubling this time, so intend to rest.
Boss: (Pause for 5 seconds) Ok. But the pain should not be all day long, so I expect you to come back to office as soon as you can. You cannot day full day off for it.
Me: (Numb for 5 seconds, don’t know what to say) Boss, I’ll try to come. If I get well, I’ll be in office, but can’t commit.
Boss: Is this a regular thing
Me: (Completely shocked) Well, I don’t feel like telling that. I have been working you since sometime now. You can see how many leaves I have taken.
Boss: This is not appreciated. You need to understand. I don’t like people taking sick leaves.
Me: I understand that, but cant help it. Being a human, we may feel pain or can fall sick Boss.
Boss: Well, I expect you to come to office today.
Me: Can’t commit. Will try if I can.
and I banged the phone down.

this conversation is word by word true and I am really agitated by my boss who thinks that employees make excuses to take sick day offs. What do you guys think, Am I over-reacting?