A crisp formal top makes it a Happy Monday!

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship – Mary Louise Alcott


The beloved weekend is gone and here we are on a Monday morning.  I am still recovering from the weekend hangover, thinking of those two beautiful mornings sipping tea and reading newspaper with the entire world’s time at my hand and the insane talk and fun evening sessions with friends and family.  However it is a totally different story of Monday morning.  I keep putting my alarm on Snooze till it is too late and then start rushing towards the deadline of reaching office on time.  I really need to change this (I will try, I promise)

So you think that I emphasized so much on the importance of trousers in the last post, but would have forgotten about the top wear.  No way, why would I do such a crime!  Today’s post is about the types of tops and few amazing options available out there in the market.  There are thousands of top wear available, different styles, different necklines, different lengths, and different fabrics and hence you can choose as many as you feel comfortable in.

I would suggest keeping a blend of blouses, shirts and Kurtis with different patterns in your wardrobe and mixing them with various styles of bottoms as in the Last Post and you can sport a totally different look every time you enter your office.

Some no-no’s in terms of top wear would be to avoid the skin showing tops, cutwork, sea through and body hugging fabrics and inappropriate necklines.  For example, you certainly do not want your inner wear straps to play peek-a-boo while you are discussing something important with your boss.  It is just not cool. Believe me, if you are not comfortable in your clothing, it reflects in your body language too.  So wear what you are comfortable in and make sure that others around you also do not feel awkward about it.

Now enough of my chit-chats, time for some references. See below the images and links and let me know which one you liked the best and if there is any other kind that you wear to your office.










Now when you enter office, do your best and when you leave your office, forget who your boss is.  Remember, you are what is most important. Rest all is background noise!

A super week ahead to all you superwomen out there!


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