How to style regular white top or kurta?

White top or Kurta is such an integral piece of clothing.  You can style it up as formal wear or dress down as casual depending on your day.  It is hell lot of easy to take it from day look to night look by just making some minor changes.  So I thought let’s sit together and style our white top and Kurtas for some change and variation in our looks.  What say, shall we?

Kurta 1      Kurta 2      Kurta 3


First of all, I believe that all of own one white top, but in case you don’t (Check your wardrobe!!), then invest in one good quality plain solid white top.  It will go long way and you will wear more than you think.  Below are links for some good pieces that you may consider depending on your liking and budget.

Top 1       Top 2       Top 3

Style Up Agents – So the basic idea is wearing basic solid white top or kurta and accessorize it with some style up agents.  Always invest in some accessories that become highlight of your look. Keep a few clothing items that become conversation starters and kind of elevate the whole look.

I am listing them down for you in three categories, long jackets, short jackets and scarves.  Check them out:

Long Jacket 1        Long Jacket 2            Long Jacket 3


Short Jacket 1          Short Jacket 2           Short Jacket 3


Scarf 1         Scarf 2          Scarf 3

So this is for today.  Hope that it peps you and gives you more ideas to style up for the workday.  Have a good one! 🙂

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  1. Suede is considered a higher quality fabric and gives you a smarter look. The textured surface is what brings an interesting stylish element to a plain jacket . For these types of looks, colours such as beige, stone and brown work best and you should wear it with a white or black top for maximum impact. Remember, the key is to create a neutral outfit with texture creating a clear definition between the pieces. To complete the look, simply pair with your formal shoes.

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