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Let me ask you a question first.  How many of you are happy in your career choices.  If you are not happy with your boss or superior or the HR, it does not count.  Forget about all the irrelevant factors(yes, they are kinda irrelevant in the bigger picture) and think for a moment, does this profile and sector make you happy.  Does the work you do daily is what you desire to do for rest of the life.  If yes, Awesome girl! Super happy for you.  This week is yours; give your 100% here now.  And for those who think that they did not plan this and are not really satisfied, you have to talk to yourself very honestly.  What is it that you want? Doing what makes you happy.  If you know what it is, then start working towards it because you HAVE to have fun every day.  If you just have not figured it yet, then give it a thought not just right now, every day.  Do not let this thought get lost in your daily work.  You might forget about it today, but after a couple of years, you might regret for wasting the time you have right now.  So go, figure it out…

Now today’s article is all about cheering you up with some gorgeous dresses.

Black Dress – A black dress is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe and it is a savior when you cannot think of anything else. I have detailed below the black dresses.  So let’s start, shall we?

Black Dress

Dress1    Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Solid Colour Dresses


Dress1     Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Printed Dresses


Dress1     Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Tips – Personally I do not believe in body types like hour glass, pear shaped, apple shaped.  We are not fruits, just normal human beings. Everyone can wear any kind of dresses, there is no restriction and there is no binding rule.  You just need to know how to carry certain kind of fittings and styles.  That is it.  So next time you go for shopping, never leave a dress on rack just because you read somewhere that the shape is good for the 36-28-36 figure only.  If you a bit conscious, wear a bit loose dress.  Key would be that the dress should fit you right on shoulders and then let it fall as you desire.  Try all kinds and know what works for you.  Be confident of your body and let the spirit rise.

So this is for today.  Have a happy Monday ladies.  Get in action and may this week be more awesome than last one.


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