Must haves in every working woman’s handbag


Hello everyone,  How have you been? I know it has been sometime since I posted.  Have been a crazy busy month carrying my handbag and juggling between work and personal front, but finally I can find some breathing space and here I am! 

We females are multi-taskers and hence we end up doing a number of chores during the day and after one week of using one particular bag, we have thousands of things accumulated in all corners and we struggle whenever we have to find one particular thing, especially small things like hair ties or loose cash. Hence I decided to put down a list of must haves which every working female must have in their purse. Infact this list can be an easy guide for every female. You can add number of things depending on your requirement, but the below mentioned things are staples in your whole day.

  1. Cardholder – It keeps your life easy and trouble free. Keep all your id and financial cards safe and in one place and no way of losing the card as you will always find them snug tight in their place.
  2. Sanitary Napkin/Tampons – We never know when these unexpected and unwanted guests arrive, hence always be prepared and you never know, you might help some other female in the restroom in times of need.
  3. Phone Charger – My life depends on this one thing. Can’t even imagine how earth will survive if my phone goes dead for couple of hours. Hence always a place in my bag for my phone’s charger.
  4. Hand Sanitizer – You use public transport; hold the same door handle which is touched by almost hundreds of people in one day. You use office washroom which is again used by all females. You visit restaurant and hold the menu card which is probably the dirtiest thing in the whole restaurant. It is never cleaned. This list can go on. Always keep a hand sanitizer for your regular hygiene.
  5. Peppermint – Never stop yourself when you want to binge on the delicious food ordered for lunch, but no one would like to do a meeting with you if you smell bad after lunch. Keep peppermint handy and toss one in your mouth when needed.
  6. Cosmetic Kit – Lip balm, Lipstick/gloss, compact, sunscreen, hand moisturizer – No word. All of us have this kit and we all know what kinds to keep.
  7. Bobby Pins & Hair-ties – My baby hair plays all kinds of games when I have a busy day or do not have time in the morning to do a proper hairstyle. Always keep some bobby pins or hair ties in your bag for the days when you want to deal with the world without worrying about hair falling on your face.Must haves in every working woman handbag
  8. Safety Pins & Nail Filer – Once I did not have safety pins and my kurta’s underarm stitching opened without any prior intimation. I stapled both ends and survived for the day, but it was way too uncomfortable. Since that day, safety pins are staple pieces in my bag.
  9. Band Aid – Apart from hurting yourself, you will always need a band aid when wearing new shoes. We all have had our shares of pain with shoe bites.
  10. Pen – C’mon you are a working woman, you need a pen always. Never know when boss is going to call to mention some urgent list of to-dos.
  11. Pepper Spray – Precaution is better than cure. Hence always carry one piece of safety in your bag. I learnt it hard way that there might be more than one person who intends to trouble you and you might not be physically capable to handle more than one person. Travelling in public transport, keep this product always handy and those who will shrug off their shoulders saying that I travel by my own car, lady, you go to basement alone. Your car might decide to stop right in middle of street. You never know when emergency arrives. A safety product should always be in your bag. No matter what bag size you are using. Period!
  12. Pain Killers – If you have low immunity or a long day of hard work troubles you often, do get it checked with your doctor and keep your regular medicine handy. I always have Meftal in my bag for period’s pains. Never know when needed. L
  13. Fresh wipes – Sometimes your face gets tired after long hours staring at laptop screen or you anyways feel tired after long hours of meetings. Keep fresh wipes in your bag to use when required.
  14. Deodorant/Roll on perfumes – A spray of your favorite perfume or deodorant lifts your spirits high and boosts your energy.
  15. Headphones – This is a personal choice of mine. I never leave house without my headphones. If you also love music and cannot walk a step without a bit of music in your ears like me, then keep it in your bag, always!

So tell me how many of these things you carry in your handbag and what other things you can think of that should be in our bags. Share it with all of us.

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  1. Hi Vinny, superb post. Keep writing dear. I daily check this blog. Love it very much 🙂

  2. Ha ha. I can imagine Yvonne. It was the same case with me till the time I decided to keep it a bit more sorted. Give it a try. Life will become so much easier. 🙂

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