Take care of yourself after your work day is over

‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not miracle’

Hello to all the wonderful ladies out there!

How is this summer treating you? We are facing the brunt of this scorching heat, though truthfully speaking, this season has not been so bad this time.  We have been getting little showers every week even if for slight relief. 😊

Today’s article is about the much needed self care in your 9-5 routine.  Few of us are fortunate enough to get some relaxed ‘me’ time in evenings after reaching home and some of us really do not.  We have our kids to take care of or some other reasons or sometimes we are just tired and lazy enough to just crawl into our beds and manage to sleep.

Well, let’s take a pause here, shall we!  Those who are shaking their heads thinking that I do put on my night cream and I am doing good then.  What if I tell you that you don’t really.  Sorry, but that is the truth.  Various expensive creams with multi miraculous ingredients do not work till we don’t.

So here I tell you to do a small test.  Go near the mirror and smile.  Smile wide as if somebody is going to give you millions of rupees to smile and notice very, very fine lines near the eyes and the corners of lips.  Does those lines act in accordance with with your age?  Now notice your skin.  Is it dull and lifeless until you don’t put on some BB or CC cream?  I guess I have your attention now.

Ageing skin of working woman

Thanks to the continuous staring at computers and mobile screens (netflixing too), our skin is ageing and that too very fast.  After 10 years, it might be a little late to start thinking of taking care of yourself.  So I put down few points for you to bring into action.  Try these for at least 15-20 days and you will feel the difference (betting my new dress on this).  Those who do not find a lot of time to do some self-pampering can try these and I am hopeful that it will bring significant change.  Ensure that you care for yourself too as much as you do for others.

  • Start with splashing cold water on your face and washing with mild cleanser. Then put on your aloe vera gel or evening cream or moisturizer and massage upwards for 3-5 minutes.  Remember that creams do moisturize your skin and protect from pollution etc, but massaging helps in retaining the firmness and lift of the skin.  It enables the cream or oils to work more efficiently.
  • Next is neck rotation. 10 times Clockwise and anticlockwise.  This is super amazing and helps with stiff neck and shoulders, double chin and sagging skin near the neck and jawline.
  • Raise your arms and do the regular stretching for your body to release all the tiredness. You will be amazed to see how much energized you feel after a regular 10-15 minutes of stretching.
  • Now last step would be to put your fingers on your scalp and do a little massage to get the blood circulation going good. It helps in relaxing your brain and at the same time, controls the scalp oil maintaining good hair too. Total win-win, yeah!

So yeah, we are just doing this much only for now.  Put a reminder on your phone to spend 10-15 minutes on yourself.  Ideally you should do it when you return from office.  If your household is chaotic and you cannot sit tight for 10-15 minutes, then enter your bathroom and restore yourself.   Everytime you do it, remember to say ‘Thank you’ to yourself from your future self.  😊

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