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Let me ask you a question first.  How many of you are happy in your career choices.  If you are not happy with your boss or superior or the HR, it does not count.  Forget about all the irrelevant factors(yes, they are kinda irrelevant in the bigger picture) and think for a moment, does this profile and sector make you happy.  Does the work you do daily is what you desire to do for rest of the life.  If yes, Awesome girl! Super happy for you.  This week is yours; give your 100% here now.  And for those who think that they did not plan this and are not really satisfied, you have to talk to yourself very honestly.  What is it that you want? Doing what makes you happy.  If you know what it is, then start working towards it because you HAVE to have fun every day.  If you just have not figured it yet, then give it a thought not just right now, every day.  Do not let this thought get lost in your daily work.  You might forget about it today, but after a couple of years, you might regret for wasting the time you have right now.  So go, figure it out…

Now today’s article is all about cheering you up with some gorgeous dresses.

Black Dress – A black dress is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe and it is a savior when you cannot think of anything else. I have detailed below the black dresses.  So let’s start, shall we?

Black Dress

Dress1    Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Solid Colour Dresses


Dress1     Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Printed Dresses


Dress1     Dress2     Dress3     Dress4

Tips – Personally I do not believe in body types like hour glass, pear shaped, apple shaped.  We are not fruits, just normal human beings. Everyone can wear any kind of dresses, there is no restriction and there is no binding rule.  You just need to know how to carry certain kind of fittings and styles.  That is it.  So next time you go for shopping, never leave a dress on rack just because you read somewhere that the shape is good for the 36-28-36 figure only.  If you a bit conscious, wear a bit loose dress.  Key would be that the dress should fit you right on shoulders and then let it fall as you desire.  Try all kinds and know what works for you.  Be confident of your body and let the spirit rise.

So this is for today.  Have a happy Monday ladies.  Get in action and may this week be more awesome than last one.


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Don’t you dare give up!


I came across this ad by Tanishq brand for their new collection, Niloufer. The video is made beautifully and touches the right chords so aesthetically.  A moment of achievement brings memories of the years spent in struggle and tough fights against all odds.  Some of us are born and brought up in a progressive environment where we do not need to struggle for basic things like study till we want or doing job or pursuing our dreams in terms of what job we like or even starting a business or entrepreneurial project.  I feel grateful for my parents and family for being my strength in my journey till now.  However there are many among us who have had to struggle to go to college to complete post-graduation or have had to fight for the job that you wanted to do because parents or parents in law wanted you to stay home.  Life does not come easy for all and in the process of achieving something big professionally; we always live with guilt of missing some precious moments of personal life.  All the working mothers will completely relate to this.  You leave your young child in the hands of family or play schools and spend the whole day regretting the choice you made.  I completely agree with Apurva Purohit, CEO of 92.7FM.  In her book – Lady, you’re not a man; she clearly tells that as a working woman or mother, you always have two choices.  Leave the job and take care of family and child or let the child be left in the hands of someone else at home and you focus on your career.  In first case, you regret the choice later after 8-10years when the kid gets busy with their own life and you see your peers climbing the stairs of professional success.  You wonder where you would have reached if you had not left the job.  You pity on yourself and your hard work spent on getting the degrees.  You have the guilt of killing your ambition.

While in second case, you always live with the guilt of missing out on your child’s first walk or first talk. If you achieved anything big professionally, you always know that it is because your household responsibilities were at the backdrop.  You cannot leave the hard work put in preparing the presentation because your child is unwell.  You leave him/her with the grandparents and then winning the client seems to be so full of guilt.

So this is the irony of our lives, we have to live with one guilt or another.  You have to make the choice which guilt is what you are more comfortable with.  I would live with the guilt of not always being there for my child because then I know that I am working this hard for his or her better life, to give him all he needs in the fast pace of life.  And believe me, children understand this, may be not now, but when they reach the age of understanding.  They might think as a child that Mom is not always around, but then they will be most proud when you reach the big level in your professional career.  You said ‘Sorry’ many times during the journey, but it would be then time to say ‘Thank you’ to your loved ones.

So keep thriving for it ladies, because in the end, you do not have to be a super human, but you just have to be the kid who keeps marching.  🙂


P.S. I love the Niloufer collection of Tanishq.  Why do they make everything so pretty! 😉

Makeup for everyday at office


“I believe that all woman are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup” – Bobby Brown

Every woman on this earth is beautiful in her own way.  Everytime we look at mirror, we admire ourselves and I believe in simple formula – If you look good, you feel good and then you do good.  And then there is makeup to enhance our beauty and make us more confident and happy about ourselves.  After all who does not like to look more gorgeous everyday. 😉

Mornings are tough times for us girls.  We take quite a lot of time to decide our outfits and then though we love makeup too, but somehow there is no time left, so many of us will do it in either office washrooms before entering the cabins or cars or someplace else.  So today’s post is about basics of makeup for office which if done right will enhance your features in no time and make you all ready for the long day ahead.

Office Look

Natural Glowy Skin – The makeup stands right on the base that you create on the skin.  It is the foundation of your whole look.  You can use a tinted moisturizer or BB creams.  After the base, touch up with some concealer where required.  There are so many of the BB creams and concealers available in the market and you may try it after reading the reviews on makeup review websites.  The only blog I follow for makeup recommendation is IMBB.  You may check the reviews there depending on your skin and then decide.  I generally avoid foundation for regular use, but you may use some light reflecting foundation and apply it correctly.


Eye-Brows – Yes, you read it right. Your brows are very important part of your face and sadly, they are quite understated part too.  Many of us do every step in our makeup, but do not even care to look at our brows.  They frame your face and give it an edge.  Use dark brown or black color eye brow pencils to fill in your brows.  Fill them with light hands and you will realize what difference it brings to your face.


Eyes – Next comes the turn of eyes.  Usually the eye and lip makeup can be different for everyone depending on own preference and office environment.  As the world says, keep one part highlighted and other one subtle.  For eyes, you have to keep three products ready, Kajal, eyeliner and Mascara.  I usually do not wear kajal and eyeliner together.  It is either one for me.  Applying both makes my grey eyes pop too much and hence I use only one.  Now I would advise to keep it easy on the mascara.  Make it look natural instead of heavy lashes like old movies actresses.   Eyeshadows can be used depending on the environment of office. Try natural eyeshadows like beige, blush pink or light grey and do not use glittery ones.  They do not look professional unless it is a media or creative house you work in.


Lips – Now comes the turn of lips.  Personally I am fond of light pinks and nude shades, but I think that you can wear almost any color if you know how to carry them.  If you are a beginner, try light pink, beige color lipstick and avoid neon colors or dark colors like red or berry.  If you like lip-gloss, please ensure that it is without shimmery particles.  Over the course of day, your lipstick fades and then the shimmer sticking to lips looks really bad.


Tips – Now some general hands up regarding the makeup.

  • Your makeup should always enhance your features, but it should not look cakey or layered. Your skin should look relaxed because you spend over 8-10hours layered with makeup and by the time day ends; I have seen some girls really struggling with the patches of makeup on their faces.
  • Try to avoid some hot reds or fuchsia pink lip colors as you do not want people to keep looking at your lips when you talk about your important work. Do not blame your colleagues for staring.  It’s natural that bright colors catch attention of onlookers.
  • Invest in some good quality makeup products and try to wear which are usually good in terms of longevity. If doing makeup for the day means more of washroom trips to do touch-ups, then you will stay conscious of it and will not be able to focus on your work which is not what we want, right?
  • Always remove your makeup after reaching home with a good cleanser. I swear by Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion.  It does not take away the moisture of my skin, but clears the last trace of makeup.
  • Apply a good night cream to repair and take care of your skin. Your skin bears all kinds of chemicals, heat, cold and sun-rays during the day.  You need to pamper it with at least a night cream to replenish overnight.  My favorites are from Forest Essentials, Jasmine and Patchouli or Eternal Youth.  Both do wonders for your skin.

Now let’s do a roundup of everything we numbered above.  While doing makeup for regular day at office, make the base right, make the skin glow.  Then shape the eye brows and apply kajal, eyeliner or mascara.  At last, you color your lips and voila, you are ready to rise and shine the whole day. 🙂

Hope that you like the article.  If you do, please comment below to let me know. Also share the products you use for regular use.  I would love to try them.  🙂


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Kurtas for office wear


Finally, it’s Friday! I just cannot wait for the weekend to begin.  Sometimes I think of days when I used to have only one day off, Sunday and I used to literally crave for holidays.  People having two days off or working from home showing off their fun pictures used to make me COL (Cry out loud).  One day weekend is cruel, outright cruel and is just NOT ENOUGH. Work at office, travelling, home responsibilities, there is so much that we do in a week and we all get mentally and physically drained out of energy after five days of work and need to relax, unwind to channel our full on energy and force back again at work on Monday.  Studies and researches have also shown that people work more efficiently when given a relaxing atmosphere (Only if somebody could tell my boss that I would work more sincerely if I work for 4-6hours a day with a power nap in between) Ha Ha.


Kurta     Palazzo     Stole     Earrings


Today I thought to talk about Kurtas for office wear.  One fact straight is I love Kurtas.  They are comfortable, look chic when styled correctly and can be dressed up or down depending on the environment.  With online shopping websites offering tons of options, there is really no dearth of choices to spoil you.  So let’s begin, shall we? 

Types of Kurtas

Straight Cut Kurtas– These are the best of the lot. Straight kurtas are perfect for regular days. They look professional and are easy to carry.


Kurta1      Kurta2       Kurta3      Kurta4

Solid coloured kurtas – Easy to pair with any printed palazzo or leggings and throw some super jewellery and you are ready to go.


Kurta1     Kurta2     Kurta3     Kurta4

A-Line Kurtas – You need to be a little restrictive about the prints and work on A-line kurtis.  Try solid coloured or small printed kurtis. Big prints and heavy embroidery work should be avoided since they already are quite voluminous.


Kurta1     Kurta2     Kurta3     Kurta4

Bottoms – Black, White and Beige leggings and palazzos are a must as they can be teamed up with any kurta.  You may also try teaming up printed palazzo with solid coloured kurta.


  • With scorching heat already here, cotton and linen are the best options. Wearing synthetic will be difficult for you to carry as well as others to see.
  • We know that we girls work real hard on our bodies, do Yoga, exercises, diet and what not and it feels real good to wear clothes that highlight those curves, but that is no excuse to wear tight kurtas. DO NOT wear plunging necklines and body hugging fits.  This applies for western wear and same goes for ethnic wear as well. Instead try mandarin collar necklines or boat necklines which gives you elegant look.


So summers are here and some online stores are giving amazing discounts.  Dress for the season and do take care of yourself and your skin.  Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.  Make veggies and fruits your best friend and enjoy summers. And yes, Happy Weekend to all superwomen out there!

Fight your Monday Blues


“It is this stupid Monday again!!” Said Nidhi, my best friend, while on the way to office.

I replied softly, “Yeah”

And then she started talking about how she hates going to this office since her boss is really bossy (tell me something new!) and how she monitors every minute Nidhi spends in her office. If the lunch break is stretched by even 5 minutes, Nidhi gets to hear some taunting or heavy looks as she enters the bay area. While she was telling me all this, I was still struggling with my weekend hangover and trying to think that it was the same stories she told me on the last ride as well.

I interrupted her and asked “So what do you plan to do with it?”

Nidhi replies “What can I do yar, she is like this only.  I really want to leave this shitty job, but can’t find time to hunt for another job.  This weekend was also gone like that, we had a wedding function and then met some friends”

By that time, we had reached my office, she dropped me and drove to hers and my train of thoughts started to run.


Another week is here and we are back in office.  I am still recovering from weekend hangover, trying to cope with the Monday routine.  What different is this week than the past three weeks.  Well, let’s see. Nothing seems to be different actually.  It is the same office, same boss, and same work. We are the same, some happy with their jobs, some not quite.  There is always someone in your office always cribbing about the bad bosses, bad colleagues or annoying office HR policies.  Nothing is different, but then the question arises, who actually makes your week different. Is your boss or colleagues have the responsibility to change your week?  Do you rely on others to make changes in your work life or wait for things to change automatically for your sake?  But why would someone else be actually bothered to change what you don’t like?  If your work is miserable or if it is just fine, who can make it better? No one other than you!  If you cannot do it, no one else will. So if you are waiting for someone else to change your routine or your job or your whole experience to bring some good changes in your life, then let me tell you lady, it is only you who could do it.  Only you could decide whether you want to deal with your boss to get ahead in your career or compete with your superiors to get that promotion.  If your job sucks, it is only you who has to hunt for a new opportunity. So choice is yours. What do you want to change and how you want to change?  Just figure out these two questions and your life will change for good.  Take the first step, a really small, tiny step towards your idea of happiness and it might become your biggest one.


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