Run for life..!!!

I was leaving office at 06:00PM when I saw my CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in his hand.

CEO: Hey, Can you help? this is a very sensitive and important document and my PA has left for the day. Can you make this machine work?

Me: Sure Sir.

I turned on the machine, inserted the paper,and pressed the start button.

CEO: Excellent, I just need one copy.

I wanted to die at that moment…


LESSON: Never, ever, ever assume that your boss knows what he’s doing!!

Be Independent, but ask everything !!!

Pic 1

Boss – “Hey XYZ, how many years you have been in this company?”
Me – “3 years Sir.”
Boss – “You need to take your own decisions you are the Assistant Manager, you strongly lack this trait – you need to take independent decision.”
Me – “I will work on this boss”
Boss : “You better do…”

2 weeks later
Boss – “Hey XYZ, come to my cabin”
Me in cabin
Boss – “How did you create the rate card and replied to the request by the client.”
Me – “That’s my work boss, Ideally I should create it and reply to client’s request”
Boss – “Did you ask me?”
Me – “No boss , I think you expect me to take independent decision especially about the work I do”
Boss – “ohhhh !! You want to take independent decision- you moron – don’t use your brain, you need to come and ask me what you should do and what you shouldn’t…”
Me – “Ok boss”

After few weeks
Me in boss cabin – “Boss, I have to reply to the client’s request. Can you see this and let me know if I can reply.”
Boss – “Who are you in the company?”
Me – “Account manager”
Boss- “So who’s job is it to make it and reply to the client”
Me – “Me , but boss last time you asked me to come and ask you every time…”
Boss – SO..!!!
Me – “So I m here to ask about it
Boss – “See you are not getting there , I will say anything- I m boss but you have to take independent decision
Me –  “What should I do now boss sent it or not… (Grrrrrrrrrrr..Everyone would know what I actually was wanting to do…)
Boss – “See you don’t know what to do”
Me – “?????? What do you expect out of me”
BOSS – “Be Independent..!!!!!


Conversation with my boss..!!

Encounter No.1

Me: Hi Boss
Boss: Hi ABC, tell me
Me: Boss, Just wanted to tell, I am not well. Need to take a day off.
Boss: (After 5second pause), ummmm, what happened?
Me: I am having stomach pain since early morning. So feel that would be difficult to sit in office for all day long.
Boss: How come suddenly you have pain. You were fine yesterday
Me: (Slightly taken aback) Yes, I was fine yesterday, that’s why I was in office. I am not fine today.
Boss: Why, what happened?
Me: (Shocked) Boss, I am having menstrual pain and it is troubling this time, so intend to rest.
Boss: (Pause for 5 seconds) Ok. But the pain should not be all day long, so I expect you to come back to office as soon as you can. You cannot day full day off for it.
Me: (Numb for 5 seconds, don’t know what to say) Boss, I’ll try to come. If I get well, I’ll be in office, but can’t commit.
Boss: Is this a regular thing
Me: (Completely shocked) Well, I don’t feel like telling that. I have been working you since sometime now. You can see how many leaves I have taken.
Boss: This is not appreciated. You need to understand. I don’t like people taking sick leaves.
Me: I understand that, but cant help it. Being a human, we may feel pain or can fall sick Boss.
Boss: Well, I expect you to come to office today.
Me: Can’t commit. Will try if I can.
and I banged the phone down.

this conversation is word by word true and I am really agitated by my boss who thinks that employees make excuses to take sick day offs. What do you guys think, Am I over-reacting?

Another day in office…

Yes i always wanted to write something…but ended up writing the same line again…..

Now at office….feeling bored…though nothing new…but today i am feeling like my seat is throwing me off….my system is making faces and asking me to go away… in total i am feeling rejected( by work)
what to do now??? let me call my hubby..
oh… bad luck…he is too busy…i wanna slap somebody.. the lady sitting 2 stations next to me. She has a world bank of peculiar expressions. Every time  you look at this stale tomato, you find a brand new expression, exclusive but not at all pleasant, with a face painted like graffiti on a rough wall, she always claims. “I do dramatic make up… Why not..?? You are the drama queen here…. That’s what you come here for….
And by God’s grace I report to you… I hope I would learn to paint my face soon… and be hot favorite amongst children (after all children likes clowns……..)

Oh ho, there also i am gonna face strong competition… There somebody else already in the business, my immediate superior………i cant even imagine the bizarre combinations she puts on….purple top..magenta trouser…n torquise slipper with golden glitters on it…. eagerly waiting for 4 o clock brk….Still 30 mins??? feels like 30 years……