Ethnic wear for career woman

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham

Today’s post is about ethnic wear in office, but how about some trivia before it.  Let me share a bit about the corporate dress code.  The industrial revolution started from Europe in the beginning of 1800 and so many practices that were initiated then were carried all over the world with globalization and are still followed the same way. One of them is the corporate wear.  A cold continent decided the formal wear to be pant suits and when later women joined the brigades, the pant suits were easily modified into skirt suits making them the formal wear for women.  Now as in India, we are working in different MNCs, many of us are not comfortable with the suits or western wear. Some of us are more comfortable with ethnic wear as we have been wearing it since our childhood and that is what comes naturally to many of us.  Also ethnic wear is extremely convenient for those who are a little shy of their body type and want to go for a relaxed look.

Here is a look at few Indian ninja women who are in big action and they wear ethnic so gracefully and with such panache.  Totally love the style of each one and tell me who cannot wear something like this in their regular office days!

Women Ninjas


So I am putting together few options for those who wear ethnic to their offices.




Kurta 1                         Kurta 2                                Kurta 3                         Kurta 4




Bottom 1             Bottom 2             Bottom 3




Stole 1                       Stole 2                           Stole 3




Saree 1                                                               Saree 2                                 Saree 3

Now I do not know what are you girls waiting for! Go out and explore new options for your corporate look.  Have fun and happy Monday to all you sweethearts out there!

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