Who Am I

Honestly I do not know what should I write about me.

Who am I: Okay, let me start with me, I am a 28 year old girl working in corporate sector in Gurgaon, India. I am doing well in my 9-5 job.  I absolutely love sleeping, shopping and have crazy and eternal love relationship with red wine. So that’s all about I, me and myself.

What is ‘Working Womanista’:  Our office is the place where we spend at least 8hours every day, that is 1/3rd of our day and we all know that we HAVE to coz paying bills on time and shopping is way too comforting for our souls.  I understand why we are so unwilling and disinterested in our offices. yet why grumble every morning, instead let’s hold our shit together and give a kick start to our day. Dress beautifully, smile widely and make it an awesome day.  ‘Working Womanista’ is a way to beautify your day, to add that extra zing to your work life and to inspire you to achieve big.

What do I do here: I am trying to make ‘Working Womanista’ your working style lifejacket by trying to make your career lives interestingby offering you some workwear and styling tips and career related mantras. Many links in my blog take you to some of the well known websites with delivery all across India.  I intend and pick products from the websites which deliver almost all over the country and have had good reviews for their products and delivery for your good experience. However I am not associated or affiliated to any of the websites or brands.  The links are merely to help you find some interesting products online without investing too much time yourself.  I seriously hope that this gives you something to add in your career, be it lifestyle, be it your work life, but if it adds, It would make me really happy.

Goal of Working Womanista:  To inspire working women by sharing inspiring stories of women achievers and motivate to make small efforts in regular things like your looks or your working style.  My success would be to look at Indian working females coming out of metros and making me confused whether I am in the Cyber Hub area of Gurgaon or New York City and When this happens, I will have peace at heart and wine in hand.


So explore the website ladies. Have fun with your dresses and accessories and grow in your careers. Aim high and achieve higher.  Let me know me if you would like me to do an article on something special. Reach me out at [email protected]

Keep working and keep loving yourself.




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